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The island of Crete has so much to offer. From the lone observer, to the travelling couple, from the avid sports goer to the family that is looking for a special break away, Crete meets the needs of both the winter and summer adventurer. It is an all year round perfect sightseeing destination in Greece. There is simply something for everyone. It is also a destination that promises the highest all year round sun exposure in Greece, due to its geographical location and shiny Cretan climate.

Today, Chania stands and has been built on the site of the ancient city of Cydonia. Seeped in history, culture and beautiful scenery, it is to this date a popular destination for travelers around the world including within Greece.

With its endless sandy beaches, wild gorges, caves, endemic plants and animals, vast olive and orange groves and combination of wilderness and sea, Chania excites even the most hard to please visitor. The mountainous inner region, hosts villages that time has forgotten, scattered churches and historic monasteries, towers and castles of great historical importance. The pretty and quaint Venetian harbor of Chania, offers pleasurable walks through the old town into its picturesque alleys. Dotted with attractions and museums all around, the whole area of Chania is in itself an interesting archaeological site – a paradise for those that like to wander. In the for-front of modern Cretan living, a bustling market with boutiques, shops, restaurants, and café’s in the new town keep many a tourist occupied with strolling and holiday shopping!

Chania hosts some of the best beaches in Crete. There are hundreds of beautiful blue flag beaches available across Chania’s 415 km coastline to visit, some of which are so exotic one would think they are lagoons of the Caribbean. Loutraki is one of these! The beaches of Balos Lagoon and Falassarna in specific are time and time again voted in the top 10 best beaches in Europe.

Cretan hospitality and Cretan culture is still very much evident on the island. Higher up on the mountains many villages still retain the ‘ old ‘ way of life – men in the cafeneons sipping Greek coffee and “raki” while women gather outside their homes, crocheting and chatting, genuinely inquisitive about tourists and always taking time out to chat. The mountains themselves of the “Lefka Ori” are a hikers and climbers paradise, not to mention the Samaria Gorge, which has been declared a nature reserve since 1962. It is the largest gorge in Europe.

Further a-field from Chania and onwards to Heraklion, lies the Ancient City of Knossos and the fascinating Minoan Civilisation. In ancient times, the Minoan Civilisation at Knossos represented a cultural high point in the Mediterranean Sea. According to Greek myth, it was the capital of King Minos and the home of the labyrinth. The mild Mediterranean climate, special Cretan diet, customs that elsewhere tend to become forgotten and the warmhearted hospitality of the islanders, continue to win visitors over – year after year. From the minute you land at Chania airport, your map of Crete Island will be dotted with endless places to see in Crete. Mare Nostrum Villas offers the ideal base, location and accommodation in Chania, for you to explore the island on your Crete holiday!

One trip, simply won’t be enough to learn and marvel the sights and history of Chania. At Mare Nostrum Villas we will be here to offer you a very warm welcome time and time again…